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Pregnancy Resource Center Of The Poconos Is Here For You

An unplanned pregnancy can be overwhelming.
We help clients through challenging times. All services are free and confidential.

Free Pregnancy Tests

Founded in 1985, the Pregnancy Resource Center of the Poconos provides a variety of free services and programs to meet client needs.

Distressed woman, free pregnancy test, Pregnancy Resource Center of the Poconos

Trained Counselors Helping Women in Need

Our services include:

♥ Free pregnancy tests with immediate results

Pregnancy Verifications

Limited Obstetrical Ultrasounds

Accurate Information on Pregnancy Options

Maternity and Baby Boutique

Peer Counseling

Referrals to Community Resources & Agencies

Post-Abortion Counseling & Support Groups

Pregnancy and Parenting Education

Fatherhood Initiative Program

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You never have to worry about insurance, fees, or your information being shared because all of our services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL!

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Free Pregnancy Test by Pregnancy Resource Center of the Poconos

Client Testimonials

testimonial pregnancy resource center of the poconos

5 Star Rating from Katelyn

I heard about the PRC from a friend of mine who currently attends the center as well. I started coming here because I heard nothing but wonderful things. Going to the PRC has helped me and made a positive change in my life. I’ve learned so many helpful tips for watching DVDs of many different topics. The people there are helpful and will listen to you. They also helped me with a lot of different items for my daughter that I have a hard time providing for her. I would strongly recommend anyone who is pregnant or has children to the PRC. It’s a very positive and helpful place to attend” — Katelyn,  former client.

testimonial for the Pregnancy Resource Center of the Poconos

5 Star Rating from Kristin

“Kristin came to PRCP after finding out she was pregnant and being told by her boyfriend that he would break up with her and would not support the pregnancy in any way. He ordered her to have an abortion. While adamant about not having an abortion, Kristin was in crisis struggling to deal with the emotional break-up and the overwhelming responsibilities of the pregnancy. She continued to come to PRCP where her counselor listened to her, prayed with her, shared the Gospel with her, and referred her to a Christian counselor as well as many other community agencies to help her with her needs. Eventually she was able to find temporary housing, and a job, while the PRCP staff watched her grow stronger and stronger. Kristin credits PRCP with the support she needed to survive pregnancy and become an educated parent. Because Kristin stood her ground, her boyfriend eventually too, accepted the pregnancy, was present at the birth and today, continues to support their small family. Kristin credits PRCP for being there for her when she needed help most.”

You never have to worry about insurance, fees, or your information being shared because all of our services are FREE and CONFIDENTIAL!